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Karl H.L. Welker

History of Law as Legal Policy: Justus Möser as a Jurist and Statesman

Justus Möser (1720-1794) is a central figure of the German Enlightenment. As a publicist, historian and legal adviser, he formulated numerous political ideals which have continued to influence political thought to the present day. In his active role in public life, Möser was an example of a patriotic and responsible citizen. "History of Law as Legal Policy" offers the first comprehensive overview of the life and oeuvre of the learned jurist and experienced statesman. The first volume is devoted to Möser's literary writing, the second to his influence on the governmental structure of the prince-bishopric of Osnabrück. The analysis gives an account of both Möser's theoretical and practical works and reconstructs the interaction between them.


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